See Levels: New York Times Review D’Banjs DKM Album.

Eja Nla is in the New York Times! D’banj DKM album got reviewed and here is what the oyinbo people had to say about the album that had Kay Switch and J Sol repping DB Records.

“D’banj is one of the great African pop stars of the past
decade, a charming singer but, more important, a savvy
For years, this Nigerian singer was at the center of the
Mo’Hits Records stable, but now he’s struck out on his
own with a new label and the compilation ‘D’Banj
Presents DKM (D’ King’s Men)‘ (DB/G.O.O.D./Sony).
It’s an alluring contemporary pop album with an
emphasis on king-size dance music, like the militarily
efficient ‘Don’t Tell Me Nonsense‘ and the flash of last
year’s excellent smash hit ‘Oliver Twist’.
D’banj is also a savvy synthesizer of the old and new
Africa, as on ‘Nous les Meilleurs (We the Best),’ a duet
with the Congolese singer Fally Ipupa. But really, D’banj
has his eye on the world; he’s signed to Kanye West’s
G.O.O.D. Music imprint, and the lovely ‘Scape Goat (The
Fix)‘ features what’s certainly the most cheerful version
of Mr. West you’ll hear this year, or any year.

The article was published in the New York Times

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